Common Food Allergies

Understand Common Food Allergies. Learn About Causes of Food Allergies, Intolerance, & Treatment For The Most Common Allergy Symptoms. 

It's not just food allergies that are the problem. Even though we're living in a world that is "Going Green" and "Reduce-Reuse-Recycle" is the motto, we're still bombarded everyday with allergens and chemicals. 

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Environmental & Child Allergies Dr. Doris Rapp M.D.

From our environment, to our pets, places of work, schools, malls, grocery stores, and even our friend's houses.

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Chemicals and allergens are everywhere. They're in our drinking water, in our refrigerators, our yards, cars, and even our baby's cribs.

Start Here With Common Food Allergies

Very Important: Know Food Allergy Signs & Symptoms!

What is a concerned person to do? Well, the first thing is to get educated and know there's problem. We need to listen to our bodies, identify the signs,  and take action. We need to not only ask questions, but the right questions, and get the right answers. Answers that will benefit us and our families. Be willing to dig in. 

common food allergies, parents of allergic children, childhood allergies, allergys, child allergies, common allergies and symptoms

Common Food Allergies Can Make Us Fat

That's right!! If you're putting on weight, this may be the answer. Eating GMO wheat and corn, high fructose corn syrup, and empty carbs like bagels and donuts might be the issue with your stomach pains and all those extra pounds. That's what happened to me.

There are many benefits of knowing the foods you're allergic to such as:

  • Increased Positive Behavior In Children
  • Increasing The Right Nutrients
  • Portion Control
  • Decreased Empty Calories
  • Weight Loss
  • More Energy
  • Saves Money By Not Buying Items You Can't Have or Don't Need

Learn how to read food labels and you'll be miles ahead of the game.

But you may say, "I like bread too much to give it up". Yep. I know what you mean. But now I eat millet and/or oatmeal bread. Less gluten and I've kept the pounds off for years. No more bloating!! Yes, it's a minor adjustment and small sacrifice, but it's better than ending up in the hospital with tremendous stomach pains!!

More Benefits Of Understanding Food Labels

  • Helps you compare foods
  • Find foods that you and your children need and "need" to avoid
  • Make healthier food choices
  • Limit the amount of sugar, fat, and carbs (you might be allergic to them already)

A good rule of thumb is, "If you can't pronounce it, think twice about eating it".

Does "Tert-Butylhydroquinone" or "Butylated hydroxyanisole" sound enticing?

We need to be willing to take chances and understand what we have been told and taught was actually something else. We need to have a change in our thinking, a different mindset, and a different attitude and approach to the world around us. We need to be willing to let go of the past, have no attachments, and move forward with our new found information.

This website is dedicated to those who suffer and need relief from common food allergies, food intolerance symptoms, and allergens from the environment. With a little planning, forethought, and self discipline, you too can have the life you deserve and overcome your environmental and common food allergies. 

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