Allergy To Eyeglasses

by Betsy McKelvey
(Chambersburg PA)

Ever since I started wearing eyeglasses, the places where the plastic frame touches my skin feels like it's burning. My nose actually becomes numb to the touch. Could this be an allergy to plastic?

Hi Betsy. It could be a plastic allergy, but we need to use the process of elimination in the best attempt to pinpoint any issues that you might have.

It might be the glasses are too heavy. If they are, you might want to get plastic lenses, if you already have actual glass lenses.

Your nose hurting could also be attributed to inappropriate nose pads. They might not be set symmetrically, meaning, too close or too far away. You can adjust them to see if this is the issue. Or have your optometrist properly adjust them.

Wearing glasses for too long can cause discomfort. Ask your eye doctor about high index lenses and light frames. Check the levelness of the ear piece (temples) and adjust if needed.

Sweat and bacteria on the bridge of your nose can also cause redness and discomfort. Be sure to clean the bridge of your nose along with the glasses pads. You can also buy cushion pads that fit on the inside the bridge.

If none of these suggestions help, then it would be a good time to visit a dermatologist or allergist that can run a series of tests to determine the cause of the redness and discomfort and treat it accordingly.


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