Bad Food Allergies & Peanut Butter

by Loretta

Just wanted to take some time to write to you. I really enjoy your website. Most others won't offer personal advice or take the time to answer simple questions. There's simply no way to get in touch with them. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me and answer my questions.

My son's (Brian) food allergy started when he was about 5 years old. Before then he was a normal little boy. Very active and good natured. But then something happened. It was like a light switch went on. He started acting up and not listening to us. He would throw himself around and be constantly crying. At first we through he was just going through some kind of 5 - 7 year old change, but we thought this was something different.

The only thing we knew to do is to take him to the doctor. All he did was ask us some questions about his behavior. We gave him the details, and then heard something we didn't want to hear: He had ADD and/or ADHD. At first I thought that was strange.

The doctor said he COULD or MAY have these. I asked him why he changed his mind. My son had ADD then ADHD, the he may or may not have it. Well, which one was it? A couple of questions and he was finished? That didn't sit well with the doctor. How dare we, as uninformed parents, even dare to consider challenging his authority and expertise?

We knew something was wrong with Brian, but didn’t' know what. Then I started digging into reasons why a child's behavior would change so drastically within a short amount of time. Thank goodness for the internet. Brain was now 7 years old and we had been living through this for about 2 years.

We learned that many other children were going through similar situations and behavioral issues. Too many to pass off as coincidence. After more digging we learned about food allergies and peanuts. Peanut butter and jelly was one of his favorite lunch snacks. We then backtracked just a bit to when he first started showing signs of behavior problems. It was the peanut butter that was causing him to act out. We knew we weren't bad parents. This not only proved it, but we had something to go on.

We took him to a chiropractor who did muscle testing. Within just a few minutes we had the results. He was indeed allergic to peanuts, and a few other things as well. Other food items mixed with the peanuts was simply an overload that a child of 7 just couldn't handle.

Then came the opportunity to learn about GMO foods and what they do, but that's for another time.

Thank you, Robert, for having such an informative website. As I said, most other allergy sites are simply cold with no human behind them. Sure, you can contact them and perhaps send an email, but you may not get a response back. If you do it's an automated one that they simply send out by mass.


Thanks Loretta for such a wonderful and compliment. This site has already helped thousands of people but I know there are millions out there with the exact same story as yours.

It's this reason that people need to tell their story and let other parents and those that are suffering from food allergies that there are alternatives to pills and living with symptoms.

Most of the time something positive can be done about it.


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