Black Seed Oil For Asthma

Black Seed Oil For Asthma Is Most Effective For Respiratory Problems.

What Is Asthma?

Asthma is a condition in which the tubules of the lungs get inflamed as a result of hypersensitivity immune reaction. The defense mechanism of the body get hyper-activated by different allergens such as dust, pollen grains, pet dander and food allergies. These cause the symptoms of asthma such as shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, coughing, wheezing and chest pressure.

The Medicinal Treatment Of Asthma

The mainstay of medicinal treatment for asthma relies on controlling  the symptoms. There are a number of medicines and nebulizers available to serve that purpose. But asthma is neither curative nor does it have a preventive treatment.

To prevent asthma attacks, heath professionals usually instruct the patient to stay away from the allergen causing the hypersensitivity reaction. But that is not very practical in today's world of global developments.

What Could Be An Alternative Treatment?  

Black seed oil is derived from a plant named Nigella Sativa. The history of usage of black seed oil for asthma and other ailments can be traced back to the time of ancient Egyptians. Arabs and Indians also used it. It was rediscovered by a German doctor in 1995, when his horse, suffering from acute asthma , was cured by black seed oil.

Inspired, the doctor administered the oil to one of his patients who was also cured. Black seed is now found in every pharmacy in Germany and Austria, and is often prescribed for asthma.

Black Seed Oil For Asthma Treatment & Help

The seed oil has a number of micro-elements such as oleic acid, linoleic phytosterols and volatile oils. It blesses the patients of asthma in two ways. In one way it helps in relieving the symptoms and in other way it helps to prevent asthma.

A. Curative effects:

  1. According to a scientific research, the oil has more than 100 micro-elements that work together to harmonize the final effect.
  2. The oil contains elements known as  phytochemicals which work exactly like modern day 'anti-allergic' drugs. as symptoms of asthma are caused by allergens. Thus, it helps in relieving the symptoms.
  3. It is a characteristic of asthma that the tubules of the lungs get spasms which causes difficulty in breathing. Black seed oil has anti-spasmodic effect that  enable the tubes of the lungs to be spasm free and eases breathing.
  4. It strengthens and re-balances the immune system, reducing the hypersensitivity reaction, which gives relief to the patients.               

B. Preventive effects:

Prevention is always better than a cure. The basic abnormality leading to the symptoms of asthma is altered immune reaction to allergens, which black seed oil can prevent. So, patients who are at risk of developing asthma can benefit from the oil.

Who Are At Risk Of Developing Asthma?                  

Children from the age 1-6 who have developed other allergies and severe wheezing while breathing are at high risk of developing asthma. The risk subsides gradually after the age of 6. Moreover, adults who suffer from allergies such as food allergy and eczema (a condition characterized by skin allergy) are also at risk. Children who have parents diagnosed with asthma are at high risk of developing asthma.

What Dosage Should Be Taken?              

Those who are at high risk of asthma should take the oil regularly. It is started as a low dose and then increased gradually. 1 /2 tbs. once daily for 2-7 days, then 1/2 tbs. twice daily for next 7 days, building it up to 3 tbs. per day. 

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