Child Diagnosed With A Soy Allergy

by Amy

Thank you, Robert, for your informative site. I never knew about muscle testing until I read it on one of your pages. We recently began our journey with food allergies and what they can do to our bodies and minds.

Our 3-year-old daughter, Lillie, was diagnosed with a soy allergy when she was about 2 years old.

We suspected something was wrong long before that but our regular doctor would not order any kind of allergy testing until she was 2 years old.

It seemed as if she would break out into a rash all over her body. This went on all year long. Sometimes it lasted a few days while other times it lasted weeks. It was a horrible rash that covered her from head to toe.

Last year, during the Fall, she broke out with a rash as usual, but this time it never really went away. She was crying and very cranky, never wanting to do anything.

This lasted through the Fall and Winter but did slightly go away by February. By next Spring her rash was back. We felt helpless and didn't know what to do.

Her allergies were re-testing. We thought it might be the pollen, grass, or flowering plants that started to bloom around that time. Maybe she was allergic to all the green things. The results and information didn’t help us in finding out why her rash was so severe.

At this time, she was drinking a few cups of soy milk during the day. We noticed within 10 - 15 minutes she would start to cry. We attributed it to gas or possibly bloating. Then we noticed her rash once again within 30 minutes. Her stomach became modeled and she ran a slight fever.

Benadryl helped ease the pain and helped her sleep at night, but we were no closer to finding the answers we needed. Lillie was miserable and would constantly cry because she was so uncomfortable.

We hopped on the internet and found your site. You talked about muscle testing so we went to YouTube and found a few videos that gave very simply and easy techniques.

We tried it, and it was like a lightning bolt struck our minds. Could it be a soy allergy as one of your pages suggested? Back to the allergist. We had her tested once more, specifically for say, and it came back positive. We wanted to do this to confirm our findings.

We kept a diary of what we ate and where she went, then monitored the results. We learned within a few days that she was also allergic to peanuts.

That was difficult for her because one of her favorite snacks is peanut butter and jelly. We tried almond butter and she will like it. Not as much but it's the closest thing to real peanut butter.

You can't imagine our surprise and hope when we found out about the cause of her food soy allergy. I had tears in my eyes. My husband, who never cries, puddled up as well. His little princess was getting better, and it was so easy to fix.

I listened to other mothers that had the same issues and what they had done to take care of their children's allergies. Knowing that I'm not the only one and other parents have the information I needed made this journey much easier.

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