Daughter Has An Allergy To Wheat

by Monica Richardson
(New York)

My daughter Jill used to have an allergic reaction to wheat but now it’s simply a slight intolerance. In just a short time, about 6 months, we were able to change our daughter’s eating habits and remove the gluten and wheat residual from her body. Her life has changed dramatically. No more temper tantrums, throwing herself on the floor, and mood swings. We first thought it was hormones, but that ended quickly. We knew something was wrong, Not with her, but some outside influence that caused her to behave in such an irrational and emotional manner.

She was diagnosed around the age of 6 with a wheat allergy. She lived for the next 4 years in fear of an allergic reaction and avoiding food and baked goods that were not made at home. She had to read the labels on everything she ate. We never knew when wheat could be slipped into something we were not familiar with. Every time we went out to eat we needed to discuss her allergy with the waiters at the restaurants.

We had to minimize the wheat and gluten in our home. Neither my husband nor I are allergic to wheat so we had to buy certain kinds of bread for our daughter such as oatmeal and millet. Not totally gluten free, but we could see it from where we were standing.

Going to school and camp offered new challenges. Many schools and camps are now peanut and gluten/wheat aware so it makes life a bit easier for us. It helps to keep all of the kids safe and reduce the anxiety of her wheat allergy/intolerance.

Jill is now 11 years old and is desensitized and able to tolerate a bit of wheat. Sometimes a dinner roll or two can satisfy her, but that about the extent of it. She is no longer a prisoner to her allergy and is able to go to friends’ houses without the fear of an allergic reaction.

Some of the other moms are so nice they actually keep gluten free cookies and bread when Jill comes over to play or spend the night. More people are becoming aware of the growing issue with food and environmental allergies and are willing to make small accommodations for other children in order for them to live a normal life and not be the subject of ridicule as children are sometimes prone to do.

We are very lucky to have found a local chiropractor that does muscle testing. It’s very non-invasive and Jill actually likes going to see him once per month. His staff was incredibly friendly and supportive.

The process was very easy to do and unlike other forms of allergy testing, was painless. Big plus for an 11-year-old girl. He taught us some techniques we could do at home and even gave us a DVD about food allergies and other things that could help out, from whole food supplements to certain stretching exercise and how important our diet is.

All of us are so very grateful for the care we received from our chiropractor. Jill is now a happy and healthy 11-year-old girl with her entire life ahead of her. She’s excited about starting her teen years. Just wanted to write this to say that if your child starts acting up or has some strange behavior, please don’t simply scold or “discipline” them, thinking they’re bad or acting up. It could be a food allergy or something in the house of school. We’re overloaded with chemicals and it’s simply not fair to expect a child to behave when their systems cannot handle the toxins in our environment.

Please tell all of the parents out there to offer up their support and share their stories with us. It makes life so much easier and offers us more information so we can handle these situations.

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