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Flea Bite Allergy signs: Causes of Contact Dermatitis & Common Allergies and Symptoms Of Fleas

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I normally don't judge, but I have absolutely no idea why fleas exist. I've heard they "thin the herd" so to speak, due to spreading diseases. 

And some say they're part of the food chain. I just don't know why something else could have been made that's not so, well, bad.

Fleas are nothing more than parasites that go out looking for a warm-blooded host upon which to feast. They'll jump onto a cat, dog, skunk, opossum, rodent, and pretty much anything with blood, including us. And that's their habitat. They'll jump from your dog or cat to you and then you bring them into the house where they have unlimited space to hide, feast, and reproduce.

Flea Bite Allergy Symptoms

While everyone is different and symptoms can vary from person to person, you could experience: 

  • Hives - You may not only get a small bump from a flea bite, but the entire area around the bite can swell and be sensitive. Scratching only makes matters worse. 
  • Itchy skin - One of the main symptoms. Those who suffer from flea allergy dermatitis will have a more pronounced and severe reaction. 
  • Rash - Similar to hives. It can start around the bite then swell causing a red area to develop.
  • Red bumps - Another main symptom of flea bites. They normally are very itchy.
  • Runny nose - Some people will manifest flea bites with the above mentioned symptoms plus a runny or stuffy nose.

Flea Home Remedies

It's a pain, but it can be done. I've already had 3 flea infestations in my house. While it may take some time and effort you can conquer this most pesky pest.

  • Build your own flea trap. Take a shallow dish filled with warm water and a good shot of liquid soap. Place a tea light in the middle of the plate then place the light in the middle of the room. Fleas will be drawn by the light. They'll hop into the plate and will die. Be cautious when using candles. You may need to do this 3 - 4 times until results are accomplished.
  • Clean Clean Clean. Just as this implies. Clean everything. The floors, counter tops, cabinets, shelves, etc... A damp rag and elbow grease can do wonders.
  • Good natural pesticides are Botanic dust and Boric acid. Follow directions on the bottle.
  • If you notice rodents around your house it's best to call in the professionals.
  • Keep your lawn mowed. Smaller animals with fleas can hide in tall grass. Use cedar wood chips and Eucalyptus leaves. 
  • Use food grade DE powder. Vacuum or sweep the entire floor then sprinkle a light coat of DE on the floor and cover with large pieces of plastic. Allow the plastic to stay in place for a few days. Remove the plastic and thoroughly vacuum and sweep. The DE cuts the exoskeleton of the fleas. They dehydrate and die. You can also try Flea Stoppers Powder.    
  • Vacuum the carpet twice per day. Fleas love to hide in carpet. Get your vacuum extension with the brush attachment and go around the perimeter of each room.
  • Wash everything you can in hot water and thoroughly dry. Clothes, sheets, towels, pillow covers, etc...
  • Wash your dog or cat. Always practice good grooming habits on your pets. Use a flea comb and wash your pet's bedding in hot water and thoroughly dry. 

Don't scratch the flea bites. I know you want to but it will make the flea bite allergy symptoms worse. You can end up with an open wound that can get infected. Check with your doctor about ointments and creams you can use to lessen the itching.

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