Playtex Sport Tampons

I don't have a question, just a comment about Playtex Sport Tampons. By: Guest Writer Bethany Charron

Playtex Sport Tampons

I talk a lot but this is important for you as a parent to know. Keep reading as it may save your child's life one day. I read your things to avoid for a plastic allergy. 

I'm 22 years old and have been living with a plastic allergy as well as an allergy to Spring and all shampoos that are made with natural ingredients. I don't know how old your daughter is now since I don't know when you wrote that article but no matter her age this is important and will save you a lot of time and effort. 

This may be gross, weird, unexpected, and right now unnecessary information to hear from a random person but it's important since your daughter seems to have a worse reaction to plastic than I do. I noticed menstrual pads and sport tampons weren't on your list of things to be wary of. 

Most of these things are hazardous for people who are not allergic to tampon plastic, but it's even worse if you do. Almost all of them have horrible chemicals in them. In severe cases it can cause death and almost all of them contain so much plastic that it's painful.

I luckily only get hives and rashes when my skin is exposed to it. But since your daughter seems worse than that I don't want to see her die because I didn't share what I've learned and experienced with a concerned loving parent.

Google searching non-plastic pads will get you almost no where because of the product placement and sponsored content about Playtex Sport Tampons and Kotex Tampons.

Playtex Sport Tampons

It's important to know that I don't care what my pad does to the environment or what chemicals are used in production. If it works it works and so far, I haven't found anything that is convenient, can be bought in bulk, used without an issue on a daily basis, and is easy on the wallet. 

But I have found things to watch for, brands that may work, tampon manufacturers, how to google search it, and what and how pads irritate the area. So here's what I've learned about this over the years about used tampons and Playtex sport tampons

Playtex Sport Tampons

Playtex Sport Tampons: Differing Opinions

  1. The skin in this area is super absorbent. If you have issues when plastic touches your skin, double that reaction and put it in a much more unsightly area. Also, increase the time it takes your body to react to the irritant and a stuck tampon. 
  2. Because it's considered a "beauty" product or whatever, companies don't have to put the ingredients of what their pads and tampons are made of or what chemicals they use in the process of making plastic and cardboard tampons. Don't buy any unless the company gives you this information for ALL their products. 
  3. Tampons are the worst things on the planet. Most of them are 100% plastic or toxic to put in your body. It's safe to say just don't buy her Playtex tampons. 
  4. Googling this topic is hard because product placement and sponsored content. All good brands tell you what and how their products are made. Look up Organic menstrual pad's, plastic free menstrual pads, biodegradable tampons, and herbal tampons. Go to the company’s website and find what they’re made of. If the ingredients for regular and super plus tampon are not listed, they’re not good. Organic essentials tampons are something to look into. 
  5. You will not find the pad you need in most stores. They’re only online and only come in a two-week supply. What if you think you have enough, but don't? You can't run to the store to buy some that aren't there, not to mention they're pricey. If you don't have the money what do you do? It's inconvenient for me. But if you're good at keeping track of that then that's fine. 

AIS= Available In Stores. Here are some completely organic brands: 

  • NatraCare
  • Honest Co.
  • Organyc
  • Maxim, 
  • NatraTouch (AIS)
  • Puristics
  • Emerita(AIS)
  • Seventh Generation(AIS)
  • Veeda (AIS)
  • Tena (AIS)
  • Kotex Natural (AIS) 

Most of these you can find in whole foods, Target, or Walmart but not a pharmacy. Veeda is not organic but it is hypo-allergenic and doesn't contain too much (if any) plastic. 

Tena is a pad for Incontinence. I included it because it explains what and how they use all the ingredients, and is used by a lot of women who have heavy flows. 

In a pinch it does the job! I have had issues with Kotex and rashes but it's not a bad brand. They list all their ingredients and don’t use harmful chemicals. They do use silicone though which may be why it irritates me. 

I used them for years daily without an issue so I don't know I'm just having one with them now. Kotex is said to be hypoallergenic. I have yet to try those. 

It's really a trial and error thing. If she doesn't like one try another but be cautious with what you buy. Whatever you do, don't get her Always or Playtex Sport Tampons. They are the worst. 

Hope this little tid-bit helps you in the future. Good luck with your pool business and your daughter. Have a great day! 

A caring patron 

Bethany Charron

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