Should I Drink Milk?

by Rita

I just wanted to offer a post for your website about drinking milk, especially cow milk. there are many people who insist that cow milk should be given to infants and it's alright to drink milk and eat dairy products as long as it's in moderation.

Cow's milk is one of the first thing we remember drinking. Probably next to Kool-Aid, but that's for another time. There is a terrible article called "Don’t Stop Drinking Milk Because ‘Your Body Was Not Meant For It.’ It was clearly written to people looking for justification to keep drinking milk.

But the more important questions are these:

1. How do our bones grow, develop. and sustain themselves and us?

2. Does milk/calcium aid in that process?

Those questions are not answered in the above post. The author offered no scientific proof that anyone should be drinking milk, nor does it state anything about the alleged benefits of cow milk.

Here's a link to one of many studies linking milk consumption to breast and prostate cancer: Milk stimulates growth of prostate cancer cells in culture.

I've read the article and it's compelling.

The author, I think her name is Maria of Fitness Reloaded, makes the case of "Should we stop creating computers and airplanes just because other mammals don’t?" Females cows and humans produce milk for their young. When the young are grown they don't need the nourishment from the mother. It's for a very short period of time, in respect to the length of one’s own life.

Our bones grow and develop by a process called ossification. As we grow, the hyaline cartilage in our bones grow and slowly get replaced by bone. This process is shedding and growing through our life. Layers of calcium and phosphate salts accumulate on cartilage cells to produce bones. The words "milk" and "calcium" are often used interchangeably, most of the time to our detriment.

Pasteurized milk is a well-known and documented cause of health problems, from allergies and digestive issues to diabetes.

Calcium is needed for healthy bone development, but cow milk is not needed. It's also well documented that an adequate supply of magnesium is needed in conjunction with calcium for healthy bones. Pasteurized milk contains little, if any, usable magnesium.

We can get calcium through better sources such as kale, broccoli, watercress, and bok choy.

Just because we have heard something through our lives doesn't mean it's right or good. This is a financial district and business owners (dairy farmers) in this instance, and the dairy council will send out false and misleading information in order to make a buck.

A lie is introduced into a generation, then walks into the next generation, then runs into the next. We've always done it way seems to be their battle cry and those who believe the lie will stop at nothing to perpetuate it. The prisoners become the warden. You always want to follow the money. Ask who is funding the "research", and I use that term lightly.

We should avoid all pasteurized dairy and ideally only consume raw grass-fed organic dairy if possible.

There's really no biological benefit to consuming dairy products. We simply don't need them to. Vegetarians and vegans live wonderful lives never consuming milk or dairy. I'm not saying you must cut out all dairy, but allow the facts to speak for themselves and base our decisions upon them.

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