Some Hair Ornaments Can Be Troubling

by Judith

I love the hair clips that you can use to keep your long hair up and out of the way. I noticed that when I used them however I would get an itchy welt on my scalp that was annoying and painful.

First I thought I was clipping the hair too tight and that was the cause of my discomfort. In order to get some relief I used a very mild shampoo and an apple cider vinegar rinse.

I left my hair loose and within a day or so my systems began to go away. Think I have this allergy and have scheduled a visit to the dermatologist.

Thanks for the update Judith. My daughter has a plastic allergy and she has to stop using hair clips, bows, and anything that contained plastic. she started using those small black rubber bands and that seemed to work very well. Until she started losing them and I'd find them, knotted up with strands of hair, all over the floor.

Plastic and shampoos can have hundreds of chemicals. What you might have is an allergic reaction to all of those chemicals on your scalp.

You're doing the right thing by seeing a dermatologist. And remember there are allergy practitioners that might be able pinpoint the issues. Again, it might not be one thing, but a combination of things or chemicals that is causing your reactions.


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